Soft Furnishings


  1. Bedroom treatment
    Bedroom treatment
    Co-ordinating Upholstered Pelmets with Roman Blinds, 50mm woodslatts to finish.
  2. Snug Room Bay Window
    Snug Room Bay Window
    This Upholstered Bay Window pelmet is the perfect contemporary solution.
  3. Cloak room
    Cloak room
    Elegant solution.
  4. Full Height Shutters
    Full Height Shutters
    Simple elegance.
  5. Dining Room
    Dining Room
    We make beautiful Pelmets for nearly all situations, for period and modern homes.
  6. Shutters tier on teir
    Shutters tier on teir
    Shutters look great in this type of Bay Window treatment.
  7. Stunning Bedroom Bay Window
    Stunning Bedroom Bay Window
    Another great Bay window and room treatment.
  8. Great for En-Suites
    Great for En-Suites
    Stylish Design for a modern classic look.
  9. Girl's Bedroom
    Girl's Bedroom
    This great looking Upholstered pelmet with tassel trimming and corded double tracking.
  10. Luxury Kitchen
    Luxury Kitchen
    This modern treatment of Upholstered pelmet and roller blinds gives a simple but stunning finish.
  11. Bedroom treatment
    Bedroom treatment
    Contemporary Design with matching piping.
  12. Entrance Hall
    Entrance Hall
    Simply added for a Bespoke finish, Luxury Trim and Tassels.
  13. In The Process
    In The Process
    Our product reaches this stage after two under layers and then the final fabric is upholstered.
  14. Progression
    This finely Upholstered pelmet complete with its self piping.
  15. Shades of Grey
    Shades of Grey
    This Upholstered Headboard was a recent commission, with Luxury butterfly fabric.
  16. Beautiful Bedroom
    Beautiful Bedroom
    Luxurious Bedroom Pelmet with 30mm base.
  17. Kitchen Luxury
    Kitchen Luxury
    Cosy seating area, this pelmet has thickness added to the base of the pelmet to make it more substantial
  18. Bay Window Solutions
    Bay Window Solutions
    This tricky Bay Window allowed the client to have what they wanted without dominating the room.
  19. Title 19
    Title 19
  20. Title 20
    Title 20
  21. Title 21
    Title 21
  22. Title 22
    Title 22
  23. Title 23
    Title 23
  24. Title 24
    Title 24
  25. Title 25
    Title 25
  26. Title 26
    Title 26
  27. Title 27
    Title 27
  28. Title 28
    Title 28
  29. Title 29
    Title 29
  30. Title 30
    Title 30
  31. Title 31
    Title 31
  32. Title 32
    Title 32
  33. Title 33
    Title 33

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